Thursday, July 5, 2012

1000 Subscriber Create-Your-Own Bath Cocktail Contest Winners!

Create-Your-Own Bath Cocktail Winners! 

The time has come! The two winners have been chosen from the 1000 Subscriber Contest. I was VERY IMPRESSED by everyone's creativity, and it was very hard to choose the two winners! I'll definitely have to do this contest again soon!
Drumroll, please.....

The two winners are the creative minds behind the "Sleeping Beauty" and "Forrest Gump" bath cocktails... HannahBearle and BeautyGirl! I'm going to insert their bath concoctions below so you can feel inspired like I did. 

Help me congratulate the winners and try out their cocktails soon! Thank you to everyone for entering :)

HannahBerle's "Sleeping Beauty" Bath Cocktail
Winner of: $25 Lush Gift Card

The movie I chose was Sleeping Beauty. I created this bath cocktail today and enjoyed it this afternoon, it made a beautiful luxurious soak and I hope you like it :)

I started with twilight bath bomb for two reasons, the relaxing sleep inducing scent and also its colors. One of my favorite parts in the movie is when the fairies argue about whether to make her dress pink or blue and they aggressively fling swirls of pink and blue onto her dress and the design immediately made me think of twilight. 

Next I used the rose jam bubbleroon for its name and scent. Before princess Aurora knew her true identity she lived in the woods with the three fairies who renamed her Briar rose. Also, while she was awaiting her true loves kiss to break her sleeping spell she was holding a rose on her chest and whenever i see the kissing scene in this movie i imagine the smell of roses (so romantic) lol
Next in the bath i used dream time bath melt. Not only does the sent relax you into a slumber but i imagine princess aurora, while in her slumber, dreaming of the prince she fell in love with in the woods,
And speaking of their meeting in the woods, this was my inspiration to use the sexy, floral lust soap. When they met they were in the woods surrounded by hundreds of flowers and full of love, passion and desire so i felt this fit perfectly.

When I take a bath i love to pamper myself (and i think we all should) so i indulged in some treatments. i used the maylin hair treatment to give my blond hair a light gold shininess that hers had. 
I also used catastrophe cosmetic fresh face mask because of its light berry fragrance. when princess aurora met her prince for the first time in the woods it was because the fairies needed to plan her surprise birthday party and sent her to the woods to collect some berries. If that hadn't have happened she never would've lived happily ever after :)
I had soooooo much fun getting inspired and creative with this cocktail so thank you for the motivation :) 

BeautyGirl808's "Forrest Gump" bath cocktail
Winner of: Lush prize pack 

My cocktail today is going to be inspired by the beloved movie, Forrest Gump. Although the movie itself isn’t very relaxing or ideal for a bath, it is one of the most inspirational movies I have ever seen. So I wanted to include little elements of Forrest’s life into this bath.

Overall, the bath is on the outdoorsy and calming side. (After doing this, I have so much more respect for your creativity and how you still make everything smell nice together!) I hope you like it.

First, the base of the cocktail is Softy bath ballistic. This is a retro item that has a light floral scent. It is a perfect representation of who Forrest was, a complete softy. He wasn’t afraid to be a complete mama’s boy and would do anything for the love of Jenny. (An alternative: Rose Queen.)

Next is Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar, which has a very earthy scent. I chose it because while Forrest was serving in Vietnam, it rained for FOUR MONTHS. So was overjoyed and he finally saw the sun and the blue sky. (An alternative: Rose Jam or Green.)

Finally, for the bath melt, Dreamtime. I chose this because throughout the whole story, Forrest follows his dream, his best friend and the one he loves, Jenny. The scent is very calming but will not clash with the other scents. (An alternative: Ceridwen’s Cauldron.)
So that is the base of the cocktail, the rest are just some helpful extra’s to tie it together.

Tramp shower gel- This has an earthy smell which represents his time in Vietnam, but also the name represents what Jenny became for a period in her life. Haha

Mud Flats Soap- This soap has, again, an earthy smell with some rose undertones (Totally optional because it’s not a scent for everyone.) It represents what Forrest’s skin was caked with in Vietnam, little did he know that it was also pretty good for his skin!

Seanik Shampoo Bar- I really wanted to include this in remembrance of Bubba, Forrest’s only friend in Vietnam. Bubba talked about his life and passion for the shrimping business 24/7! It’s one of those wacky characters that you can’t help but fall in love with!

Jungle Conditioner-I probably don’t to explain this one too much, this where Forrest spent a major part of his life fighting in the war, the Jungle.

Lovely Jubblies breast cream-A perfect way to end an earthy floral cocktail. This rosy cream is especially perfect because who could forget the scene when Forrest is reunited with Jenny and he lets her touch her… jubblies. It’s a very funny scene and life changing for Forrest.

I hope that you liked my idea Kirby! I really took A LOT of time coming up with everything! Sorry that it’s so long, but I hope you will consider me! My youtube username is beautygirl808 as well as my twitter name. Thank you.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get,” - Forrest Gump

Both winners need to email me their shipping information to and I will send out the prizes at the beginning of next week!


  1. Great picks! Those were incredibly detailed and thoughtful cocktails.

  2. Congrats to the winners!!! Awesome cocktails!!!