Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Lush Emotional Brilliance Experience!

Lush launched their Emotional Brilliance line worldwide yesterday! I posted a video about it on my youtube last night going into detail about the experience, products, and colors I ended up choosing. I also took some photos while I was at Lush. Above is my friend Kim's color reading. I honestly think this is true! She is a vibrant person, subconsciously has fantasies that need to be fulfilled, and her talent is that she's a successful person. Remember color readings are in the moment, and next time she goes, it might be totally different!

Here is my color reading. You can see some of the steam that still was left by the time I got my camera ready! According to the color reading, I am a motivated person, subconsciously I want to be more bubbly, and my talent is that I'm sophisticated (that label didn't come in at my store, but the tan/champagne color is "sophisticated").

There are two sets of testers that Lush stores carry. One is underneath the color wheel colors that you choose, in a hidden trap door type of thing. Underneath the color wheel, there is another set of testers in drawers that are easier to access if you just want to see what all the colors look like. 

My Lush store was fortunate to have a lot of stock! I think it would be helpful to separate them into liquid lipsticks, eyeliners, and cream eyeshadows.

Another color reading... I wish the light blue "calm" color was a nail polish! 

It was fun testing out all the products! I'm excited to start using the products I bought. I also can't wait to go back again and get another color reading. 

Check out my video that explains the line in much more detail!

Have you guys tried a color reading? Go online to and do an interactive color reading! Then comment down below and let everyone know what you reading said about you! 

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  1. I love Lush and the colour reading looked like a lot of fun!