Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My beloved Twilight... where are you???

Picture from Lush's Facebook page

If you know me or follow my YouTube channel, my obsession with the Twilight bath bomb is obvious. The second you plunk it in the tub, the show begins. A fragrant lavender malt scent fills the bathroom and the bath water looks like the night sky. It's my secret weapon to getting rid of stress. Pair it with Christmas Eve bubble bar and it's the perfect 1-2-Punch combination.

The reason I'm expressing my love for Twilight today is because I'm a little worried about my beloved bath bomb. A couple weeks ago while visiting my local Lush store, the manager Michelle told me they were out of stock but not to worry. She was sure it would be in soon. So I went home and just thought I'd buy a small supply from the website since it's the bath bomb I go through the most. I still have two, but it's the bath bomb I always buy when I visit my Lush store. 

Imagine my shock when I saw it had been removed from the website! The only thing that will even come up through searching is the Twilight perfume. 

I asked my Lush store again about this... it's starting to make me feel a little panicky when it is completely take off of the Lush website. Michelle wrote me on my local Lush store's Facebook page and said that it is NOT discontinued but there are problems shipping the supplies they need to make the bath bombs. They have no idea when they will get them in stock. I know it's important to Lush to use ingredients from all over the world at a fair price from the country it's exporting from, so I'm guessing it has something to do with that. 

I'm sure Twilight will be back in our bath tubs soon, but until then savor the ones that you have!


  1. My LUSH was completely out which was awful because I really wanted to try it because you hype it up so much and the sales associate said that they must have forgotten to put it up when they redid the website. They still have Fluffy Eggs left over from Easter but they don't have Twilight in stock.

    1. Hmm, well I hope it was just an accident like that with the website and it gets rectified soon. However, my Lush made it sound like we might be waiting for awhile! Maybe I'll do a giveaway for one in honor of them being missing... that would be sacifice, though. Let me think on that one ;)

  2. Can you believe I have never ever ever tried Twilight! I shouldn't even call myself a Lushie! ;) The Lush UK website have Twilight bath bombs if you are desperate and I heard shipping isn't too bad :)

  3. I am a lover of twilight, not my fave but it is nice, I saw it in my lush store today, and it's on the new Zealand might want to check uk lush website because I'm pretty sure they ship to USA, they might have twilight online there,

  4. I recently visited canada, and there was a lush there, so I checked it out. I bought lots of goodies and I saw they had a twilight there. I got back yesterday and went on the website, I saw they don't have it in US but almost everywhere else, luckily I got a twilight! Next time i got i'll have to stock up!