Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Wedding Bath Cocktail Series: 27 Dresses

After looking through everyone's requests, it was clear that "27 Dresses", was a clear favorite! I have always enjoyed this movie, so I decided it was a great choice for the last cocktail in my summer wedding cocktail series. I had a lot of fun making the set up of these cocktails fun and festive. 

I don't plan on doing another video in this series unless there is an overwhelming request for a movie I missed from you guys! So let me know if there is a wedding movie you just LOVE that I didn't do a cocktail on. 

The bubble bars mixed together looked really pretty and smelled amazing!

This cocktail really did wake me up and give me energy- it has great scents for that!

The design this bath bomb left is pretty beautiful!

The water turned out to be a deep, muddy orange. I wished it would have turned out prettier, but I was still happy as a clam in the bath! Let me know if you try this combo!

Watch my video below that explains the whole cocktail and how it ties into "27 Dresses"!

Let me know how you liked the Summer Wedding Series and if there are any wedding movies I didn't feature that you would really like to see!

Have a good day :)

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