Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1000 Subscriber Contest! (CLOSED)

I knew everyone would enjoy some Lush... especially limited edition treats! In the running for the blog contest are two prizes for two different winners:

1. The above products (Jilted Elf shower jelly, Snow Fairy shower gel, Gingerbread House bubble bar, Ruby Red Slipper bubble bar, Cinders bath bomb, Satsumo Santa bath bomb, Lil' Lush Pud bath bomb, and Golden Wonder bath bomb)

2. $25 LUSH gift card (pictured below)
All you have to do to enter the contest is the following:

1. Be a subscriber to my youtube and join this blog. I will check! Let me know your youtube user name if it's different from your comment name.

2. The CHALLENGE: Come up with your own movie inspired cocktail... this will be your entry. Be as creative as you like!

I will choose the two winners based on creativity for the contest (just FYI my youtube is just a giveaway- no creativity needed!)

This will end the same time as my youtube giveaway, on Wednesday, July 4th at 11:59 pm.
This is open to international subscribers!

Good luck and here's to a lot more cocktails! :) 

Check out my youtube contest: youtube.com/user/VintageChic1927


  1. The movie I chose: Piglet's Big Movie. I know it's a children's movie, but I remember watching it when I was little and I just thought of the lush goodies.

    You've been mango'd,
    magic mushroom
    honey bee
    Magic mushroom and honey bee are both pretty sweet so they go together :)just like, Pooh and Piglet do. >w<
    And you've been mango'd (for me really smells more.. citrus-y than mango) so it's like a quirky cute twist like the adventure they go on. Well also, it kind of reminds me of tigger.

    ALSO. congrats on subbies! It's really neat how you have so many when it hasn't even been a year yet!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  2. The movie I would like to do a cocktail based upon would have to be my favorite movie Shawshank Redemtion! I would use avobath to remind me of the life Andy had before prison, full of money and power and freedom and the I would use the comforter bubble bar which would symbolize even through when he was in prison he found comfort in his friends and the life he made there and I would use floating island bath melt to celebrate the nice island beach Andy escaped and ran off too! I do appreciate so much the opportunity to win a prize. I have been watching your youtube channel for awhile now and always look forward to your new ideas! Than you!

  3. Thank you for this giveaway! I've been there since the beginning and you have made so much head-way! I have chosen the movie: Finding Nemo.

    1. Dorothy because it make your water sea blue and at the end, it is very... well changing. At the end. it is very happy, so that is the raibow on top.
    2. I have chosen big blue beacause it remminds me of the sea and everything!
    3. For the bath melt I decided it will be floating island because since everything is in the sea.. why not?
    4. Seanik will be my shampoo bar because it is kinda zingy and it involves the sea again!
    All together... I think this is very zingy, fresh, and a summer cocktail, and it seems to get everyone very alert.

  4. Welcome to my first ever Cocktail, (hope this goes okay lol)

    I am going to choose one of my favorite movies "True Romance" (it's a gritty, modern twist on a love story by Quentin Tarantino).

    #1 Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds Bubble bar - This for me is symbolic of the opening/title music to the Movie by Hans Zimmerman which I adore.

    #2 The Sicillian Bath bomb - This for me symbolises a major scene in the movie where Dennis Hopper insults Christopher Walken about being from Sicilian blood.

    #3 Floating Island Bath Melt - Signifies the end of the movie, where the two main characters escape with lots of money and their lives. They are shown as a happy family on a beach in Cancun, with a new son they have together.

    My You Tube Name is: ukpanic77 and Im a USA subscriber.

  5. you should do a hunger games inspired cocktail! it could be like foresty greeny smelling, but sweet and wild at the same time o:! it can include geo-phyzz,comforter bubble bar, dream time bath melt o:!!! or a grease inspired cocktail! (: you know summer lovin~ it can include pink bathbomb, dorthy bubble bar, and more (:

    -bunbunbeauty (:

  6. Hello! Congratulations on your subscribers! I too have a Lush-youtube and I know it's hard to get subscribers. So I'm very happy for you!

    I love that you're giving away holiday products. I got in to Lush after this years christmas sale, so the only christmas products I've ever tried are cinders, so white and half of the satsumo santa! I feel so sad whenever I see someone make a Lush cocktail using holiday or retro products, since I don't have them I can't make the cocktail! Oh well...

    I think something that would be very cool to make would be a "Leap Year" inspired cocktail. It's about a woman who has Irish ancestry as well as her boyfriend. They live in a great apartment in New York which they recently moved into and everything seems to be great. But she want's to get married and he never seems to pop the question. But on Leap Year, Irish women can propose to their men, which is exactly what she's going to do. Her boyfriend goes to ireland for business and she decides to follow him and see him there without him knowing. But she meets a blot of obstacles, including a handsome Irish man who is going to drive her to Dublin from his small town in which she somehow ended up in.

    For this cocktail I would want to use;

    Tisty Tosty - The main character is very light and seems a bit old fashioned. She's a New York girl and she is quite a prude. She also believes in love. Tisty Tosty's floral scent reminds me of the old-fashioned ways and her big belief in love. The roses in tisty tosty are very beautiful and romantic. Tisty Tosty is also insprired by an Irish Love spell, so it fits perfectly!

    Rose Jam - It is very luxurious and keeps us on the floral track. The main character lives in central New York in an amazing apartment and she has a Louis Vuitton bag, which is very luxurious, so Rose Jam is brilliant!

    Floating Island - Makes our bath silky and soft and sends out a nice sandalwood/vanillary scent which is kind of like the Irish man she meets in a smalltown which will drive her the long way to Dublin. He is pretty harsh and rugged but on the inside he is nice and has a good heart. I think he has been pretty niglected by luck in his life and so has floating island. What they don't know is that they're amazing. And just like he completes her, floating island completes this cocktail.

    Thank you! xx

    I'm Koolijox on Youtube!

  7. The movie I choose to inspire my cocktail is Madagascar 3!! My boyfriend just took me to go see it and I LOVE it! Since this movie is so crazy yet action filled (not going to spoil any more of it!) this cocktail has to be crazy, colorful, and wild! Here are the items I would use.

    1. Chameleon Bath Ballistic OR Rocketeer Bath Bomb, since both are super colorful and I hear they both smell great! (I haven't used them since I'm new)

    2. Dorothy Bubble Bar (have used and love) or for less color the Comforter Bubble Bar

    3. Floating Island Bath Melt or MMM

    I hope these go good together I'm iishmanda from youtube so I barely know what I'm talking about but I'm at least trying since I love lush :D
    This is promised to be a colorful cocktail! <3


    1. also as a bathbomb I just though I might use Golden Wonders Bath Bomb!!!

    2. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway :) it has been amazing to see your channel grow.
      The movie I chose was Sleeping Beauty. I created this bath cocktail today and enjoyed it this afternoon, it made a beautiful luxurious soak and I hope you like it :)
      I started with twilight bath bomb for two reasons, the relaxing sleep inducing scent and also its colors. One of my favorite parts in the movie is when the fairies argue about whether to make her dress pink or blue and they aggressively fling swirls of pink and blue onto her dress and the design immediately made me think of twilight.
      Next I used the rose jam bubbleroon for its name and scent. Before princess Aurora knew her true identity she lived in the woods with the three fairies who renamed her Briar rose. Also, while she was awaiting her true loves kiss to break her sleeping spell she was holding a rose on her chest and whenever i see the kissing scene in this movie i imagine the smell of roses (so romantic) lol
      Next in the bath i used dream time bath melt. Not only does the sent relax you into a slumber but i imagine princess aurora, while in her slumber, dreaming of the prince she fell in love with in the woods,
      And speaking of their meeting in the woods, this was my inspiration to use the sexy, floral lust soap. When they met they were in the woods surrounded by hundreds of flowers and full of love, passion and desire so i felt this fit perfectly.
      When I take a bath i love to pamper myself (and i think we all should) so i indulged in some treatments. i used the maylin hair treatment to give my blond hair a light gold shininess that hers had. I also used catastrophe cosmetic fresh face mask because of its light berry fragrance. when princess aurora met her prince for the first time in the woods it was because the fairies needed to plan her surprise birthday party and sent her to the woods to collect some berries. If that hadn't have happened she never would've lived happily ever after :)
      I had soooooo much fun getting inspired and creative with this cocktail so thank you for the motivation :) i really enjoy your videos so much and have been a subscriber from the beginning and can't wait to watch your channel grow more and more with time :)

      xoxo hannah

  8. Hi!
    I should get started. :)
    So, the movie for my entry is Alice In Wonderland (the newest version of it). I chose it, because I believe that there are several elements in the movie that relate to some Lush products.
    I would start off with the bath bomb, that's going to be Space Girl! When Alice first went to the wonderland, everyone else asked: "Are you the real Alice?" I thought that at that moment, Alice felt like no one knew her and like she was from space. Also, the scent includes a lot of sweet scents and Alice is a very sweet girl.
    For the bath melt, I chose Dreamtime, because when the movie started, Alice kept seeing nightmares, but her father calmed her down. I felt like Alice needed something that made her sleep well, and I instantly thought of Dreamtime.
    The bubble bar would be a hard choice. But I figured out: it should be Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds. I remember that in Wonderland, everything was really crazy, but if you look up, you will see the same beautiful sky as everywhere. I don't know about all these previous scents of Lush combining with each other, but it will be a surprise!
    Karma soap reminded me of the evil Queen Of Hearts, but you could also use Happy Hippy shower gel, because it reminds me of the happy and crazy characters.
    After the bath, Shimmy Shimmy massage bar would be fun. It reminded me of the White Queen (or what was her name?).She looked so royal and the massage bar would make anyone feel like a queen like that :P
    You know when they had a little tea party? I would use Cupcake face mask for that, because it's like the cupcakes you can eat besides tea.
    Overall, the bath would be more relaxing, not crazy like you would expect from a wonderland, but a wonderland can be calm too!
    Hope you liked it! One more thing: I hope that this is international, if not, then I won't be able to enter, but it's okay, I just loved doing this! And my Youtube user is Lisa45262. :)

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  10. My cocktail is based off the new movie Rock Of Ages:

    DRAGON'S EGG: For the smell and the popping, plus the sparkles, all make me think of a rock concert

    FIZZ BANGER: Fireworks is right in the description, and what rock show DOESNT have some sort of firework/spark show

    SPACE GIRL: For a bit of glitter and purple color!

    SUNNY SIDE: Because you can never have enough glitter at a rock show.

  11. The movie I chose is BATTLE ROYALE: it's essentially like the Hunger Games (filmed in 2000), only Japanese and it's a high school class as opposed to strangers from different districts. These kids are long time friends, bullies, and even high-school crushes. 

    -FLOATING ISLAND: the deserted island where the game takes place
    -GLORIOUS MUD Body Mask: dirt and mud of the island
    -BIG BLUE bath bomb: the ocean surrounding the island
    -SATSUMO SANTA: bloodshed
    -GRASS shower gel: the lush greenery 
    -SQUEAKY GREEN shampoo: the many herbs found on the island
    -HELPING HANDS hand cream: friendship and care 
    -BLUE SKIES bubble bar: the dawn of a new day; the end of the game. 

    This is probably silly and selfish of me to ask, but on the slim chance that I win, could I possibly ask to substitute two items? Instead of The Jilted Elf, could I get any other shower jelly (or anything you've got that smells like Calavera, since I never got to try a single Halloween item) and instead of Snow Fairy, could I get It's Raining Men? Or Ghost? I'm only asking because I already have both The Jilted Elf and Snow Faory, unused, and I'm trying to sell them since I don't want them. It's your contest though, and if your prizes are absolute, with no substitutions, then that's okay too :P


  12. The movie i chose would have to be Cinderella

    Twilight bath bomb- Cinderella always looked out at the stars wondering would she ever be free ?

    the comforter bubble bar- the mice always tried to comfort Cinderella

    happy blooming- Cinderella would always pretend she was fine

    figs and leaves-(optional) all Cinderella did was sweep up and clean

    Its raining men- she always dreamed of a prince to come

    New shampoos bar-Cinderella becomes a NEW person when the fairy godmother comes.

    Hope you liked my idea :D <33

  13. The movie I chose is Snow White and The Huntsman. There are 1 idea: the sweet and innocence of Snow White.

    Bath Bomb: So White, because she "dies" because of the apple the queen gives her when she is disguised and because of the whiteness is so pure and it is said in the movie that she is the most pure and innocent person in the entire world.
    Bubble Bar: Sunny Side, because she is really sad about her mother passing away, and then her father marries the "beautiful" women the he finds in the cart in the forest. So she feels upset but she tells her new step mom that she is very beautiful and that just tells me that she can light up everyone's world and give them a little sparkle.
    Bath Melt: Floating Island, because she is so "fluffy and light" with her personality and so is again so sweet and nice and wants to help everyone, and with the name, she feels like a floating island with without her mother and because her mother passed away her father is always in grief.
    Soap: Sultana of Soap, because the description of the soap is the royalty of soap, and Snow White is a princess. And the soap smells like berries and cleanliness and she is so straight forward for what she wants so its a "clean cut".
    Shampoo: Seanik, because her locks are very tangled and her hair is lacking volume so she could use it to soften up her hair to go around looking like a "proper" princess.
    Conditioner: American Cream, because the scent is light and sweet just like Snow White and the actors hair, Kristen Stuart, looks soft but ragged so American Cream is the middle strength which is perfect to get a light condition.

    So, that's my bath cocktail.... The scents might not go together because I haven't really done a scent test because lush in Korea(where I live) is REALLY SUPER expensive so ya.... but I hope your enjoy!!! :D Thanks!

    Lauren Yu Seoul, South Korea
    PS. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE LUSHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    1. oh... and my youtube name is kipling4107

  14. Why hello there lovely Vintagechic1927! I am totally addicted to your videos, thank you for hosting such generous giveaways.
    My cocktail today is going to be inspired by the beloved movie, Forrest Gump. Although the movie itself isn’t very relaxing or ideal for a bath, it is one of the most inspirational movies I have ever seen. So I wanted to include little elements of Forrest’s life into this bath.

    Overall, the bath is on the outdoorsy and calming side. (After doing this, I have so much more respect for your creativity and how you still make everything smell nice together!) I hope you like it.

    First, the base of the cocktail is Softy bath ballistic. This is a retro item that has a light floral scent. It is a perfect representation of who Forrest was, a complete softy. He wasn’t afraid to be a complete mama’s boy and would do anything for the love of Jenny. (An alternative: Rose Queen.)

    Next is Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar, which has a very earthy scent. I chose it because while Forrest was serving in Vietnam, it rained for FOUR MONTHS. So was overjoyed and he finally saw the sun and the blue sky. (An alternative: Rose Jam or Green.)

    Finally, for the bath melt, Dreamtime. I chose this because throughout the whole story, Forrest follows his dream, his best friend and the one he loves, Jenny. The scent is very calming but will not clash with the other scents. (An alternative: Ceridwen’s Cauldron.)
    So that is the base of the cocktail, the rest are just some helpful extra’s to tie it together.

    Tramp shower gel- This has an earthy smell which represents his time in Vietnam, but also the name represents what Jenny became for a period in her life. Haha

    Mud Flats Soap- This soap has, again, an earthy smell with some rose undertones (Totally optional because it’s not a scent for everyone.) It represents what Forrest’s skin was caked with in Vietnam, little did he know that it was also pretty good for his skin!

    Seanik Shampoo Bar- I really wanted to include this in remembrance of Bubba, Forrest’s only friend in Vietnam. Bubba talked about his life and passion for the shrimping business 24/7! It’s one of those wacky characters that you can’t help but fall in love with!

    Jungle Conditioner-I probably don’t to explain this one too much, this where Forrest spent a major part of his life fighting in the war, the Jungle.

    Lovely Jubblies breast cream-A perfect way to end an earthy floral cocktail. This rosy cream is especially perfect because who could forget the scene when Forrest is reunited with Jenny and he lets her touch her… jubblies. It’s a very funny scene and life changing for Forrest.

    I hope that you liked my idea Kirby! I really took A LOT of time coming up with everything! Sorry that it’s so long, but I hope you will consider me! My youtube username is beautygirl808 as well as my twitter name. Thank you.

    “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get,” - Forrest Gump

  15. Hi! Before I get started I would like to say that I wouldn't have been so happy if I didn't watch your Wizard of Oz bath cocktail, Thats when I discovered Lush, and I'm glad I did!

    So now on to my entry! I chose the movie Return to Oz! To start off run hot or warm water, And then plop in So white bath bomb for a more calm apple scent or spice it up with a fizzbanger bath bomb for a cinnamon-apple scent! The apple scent made me think of when Dorthy finds the the lunch pail tree I think the lunch pails look like apples!

    Then for the bubble bar I chose sunny side because in Return to Oz the road is all smashed and broken, but still was the golden yellow brick road and also reminded me of of the golden shine of Tic Tock. So then crumble up half of sunny side under your water. This orange/lemon scent will calm down fizzbanger or keep the bath simple and sweet with so white!:)

    And to finish the bath I thought that MMM melting marshmallow moment would sweeten the whole bath. Like at the end of the movie when you see Ozma, she reminds me of Glinda and her bubblegum pink dress! :)

    Also if you like to use a soap Godmother, Sexy peel or Figs and leaves would compliment this bath!

    Thanks for holding the contest, and my youtube username is MadHatterMakeup!!! :)

  16. my youtube name is babybrititzny1

    id call it charlie and the chocolate factory i would take Ma Bar witch is cocoa and honey toffee mix it with Mrs. Whippy that is a starwberry

  17. my youtube name is babybrititzny1

    id call it flower garden
    1.Rose Queen
    3.Tisty Tosty
    4. too make it sweet Vanilla Fountain

  18. YouTube name: Marriahhx3

    I think it would be interesting to do a Hunger Games bath cocktail! You can take a bath, read the book (or watch the movie), and smell like it! ;)

    Although, The Hunger Games isn't a relaxing book/movie, I love the personality of Katniss and overall love the story line. I could go in to more depth of how addicted I am to the books/movie, but I'll just stick to the cocktail.

    1. The Blackberry Bath Bomb to represent the blueberries Katniss and Peeta used to fake the suicide.
    2. The Hot Milk Bubble Bar to represent the fight for food.
    3. Then the Happy Blooming Bath Melt to represent the flowery/fruity smell of the flowers that were placed around Rue.

  19. My YouTube username is Water2chick
    Hi Kirby! Thanks for the wonderful giveaways! I'm so indebted to you for getting me into Lush, and starting burning candles! I'm so excited for the all about candles and tarte warmers video! :D
    My cocktail is on the movie Thor!
    First off, I have to pay dues where they are needed, and they are needed concerning Thor/Chris Hemsworth's gorgeous hair! So to get gorgeous hair, I'm using the NEW! shampoo bar, Retread conditioner, and Marylin hair treatment! The Marylin hair treatment is to give us gorgeous shiny locks like his! :D
    I want to take this bath to astronomical amounts of silky delicious smelling goodness! So I'm using lots of sweet smelling, pretty looking things that will turn the water dark like the cosmos!
    The first thing I'm using is the Space Girl bath bomb! I think it smells super sexy and fruity, and out of this world! Like Thor!
    Second thing I'm using is the blackberry bath bomb, to contribute it's sweetness and dark color, it's kind of an interesting chameleon smell to me; almost two sided, like Loki!
    I wanted to bring some more sweet scent in, but still keep it "spacey", so I went with the rocketeer bath bomb! Not only is it shaped like a rocket, but when it's finished it leaves behind trails of blue and yellow, which look like constellations and dust clouds! :D
    Now I debated about putting this in, but I absolutely love bubbles, and though the color isn't quite right, the smell is, and I think these would all go well together.
    So the last thing is the comforter bubble bar! I find throughout the movie, Thor has friends by his side, and people who love and support him!

    This is one of my favorite Marvel movies, and I found it really fun to come up with a cocktail for it! Overall it's very sweet, but it's got that sharp citrus/fruit smell reminescent of adventure! :D

  20. Ok girl I need to read all your posts to learn more about LUSH. I know about homemade vendors that make soaps/lotions, but nothing about LUSH. I want in on this whole LUSH thing. lol. I see a movie theme & such & need to find out how you make cocktails from them? Can't wait to learn more from the LUSH Goddess... lol.. Super blog I just love it ;)

    1. thank you sherri! definitely look through some of my past videos. i explain everything from how they tie into movies, what are the best products, etc. i also demo them in my bathtub! let me know if you have any questions! :)

  21. My Movie Is Tangled

    Vanilla Fountain-Cause It Looks Like The Lanterns In The movie

    Sunny Side - For Her Beautiful Long Golden Hair

    Avobath - Her Pet Chameleon Pascal

    Ceridwen's Cauldron- Mother Gothel Cause She Reminds Me Of Witches And Witches Use Cauldrons

    Geo Phizz - Flynn Rider Cause He Is Adventurous And He Needs To Relax After A Long Adventurous Day (if that Makes sense)

    BTW- My Youtube User Name Is LoveLucyNguyen

  22. My movie I have chosen is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I chose this movie because I love the Harry Potter series and I want to have a "magical" bath ;) Very Punny :D

    Okay, so here's what you will need for my bath :)

    Soap : Honey I washed the Kids (I chose this because the Honey and Toffee scent reminds me of Mrs Weasleys wonderful cooking and the comfort that the Weasley family give Harry)

    Bath Melt : Ceridwen's Cauldron (Well, I chose this because the name stood out (; Also, because of the wild flower sent reminds me of the character Luna Lovegood; a little bit quirky but still sweet)

    Ballistic : Dragon's Egg (Again, the name really stood out as Harry Potter and also because of the way this ballistic fizzes and creates little 'fireworks' in the bath water, it reminds me of the sparks from their wands)
    Phoenix Rising (How could I plan a Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix bath cocktail without the use of Phoenix Rising? It ALWAYS reminds me of Fawkes, Dumbledores phoenix rising from the ashes to be reborn again in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

    Bubble Bar : A French Kiss (I picked this bubble bar out for the relaxing properties in it, something Harry and the Order of the Phoenix are working towards - feeling safe, comfortable and able to relax)

    I hope you like it and it inspires you to try it!! :D I live in Australia, so I'm not quite sure if all of these products I've mentioned are familiar to you American Folk. Some of the prizes I've never even heard of before so I hope I get to try them. My youtube name is MsHufflePuffler (okay yes, i am a HUGE harry potter fan, alright?)

    Thank you!! <3 :) x

  23. YouTube username - Megabunnybabe
    You should do a grease inspired cocktail!
    Summer Lovin
    It can include-
    -pink bath bomb
    -Dorthy bubble bar
    -And other summer lush products
    Hope you like my idea and thank you for the giveaway. I love your blogs and your videos!

  24. Based on my favourite movie..Secretariat :)

    1. The Rocketeer Bath Bomb: represents his tremendous speed on the race track, as well as his race colour being blue.

    2. Floating Island Bath Melt: "..sweet but spicy." just like his personality :)

    3. Sunnyside Bubble Bar: represents all of his winnings/gold trophies.

    4. Sexy Peel Soap: definetly a wake up scent to get you ready for race day!!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck everyone!!

    Youtuber User: xoDressage

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  27. (I Had to delete my previous comments. I was reading it and it didn't make sense.)

    By: Nailslides (Kim/Kaye)
    Blog name I followed you as: Nailslides

    Lush cocktail inspired by the book called Perks of a Wallflower.
    This is inspired by a Strawberry Smoothie blended in with the personalities of the main character.
    What you would need for the cocktail:
    #1: Mrs. Whippy (Bath Bomb)
    #2:Floating Island(Bath Melt)
    #3: Dragon’s Egg(Bath Bomb)
    #4: Blue skies & fluffy white clouds(Bubble bar)
    #5: Milky Bar Soap
    (Optional) What you can use while bathing:
    #1 American Cream (Conditioner)
    #2: Whoosh (Shower Jelly)
    #3: Heavanilli or Strawberry Feels Forever (Massage Bar) ---- If you want a more strawberry scent, use the Strawberry Massage bar. For a more vanilla scent, use Heavanilli (Optional) What to use when you’re done: #1 Sweet Lips (Lip Scrub)
    Last year, my sister bought a book called “Perks of being a wallflower” and I recently saw a trailer of the movie. The trailer caught my eye, and so I began reading the book. I absolutely loved the book

    **I only tried 3 lush products EVER (Blue skies and fluffy white clouds, Mrs. Whippy and dragon’s egg), so don’t be too harsh on me if you didn’t like this cocktail :/. **

    **To make a super simple Perks of a Wallflower, only use the first 3 items I mentioned. For a more complex one, Use everything! **

    -Mrs. Whippy. This is a bath bomb. The reason why I wanted to incorporate a strawberry scented bath bomb is because Charlie really wanted a Smoothie at some point in the book. When I think of smoothie I think of a strawberry or chocolate smoothie. Since I don’t have any chocolate scented lush products, and I love strawberries, I decided to use this. Milkshakes usually has ice cream in it, and Mrs. Whippy bath bomb is described as a strawberry ice cream flavor. I love the scents of any flavored strawberry.

    -Blue skies and Fluffy White Clouds. This is a bubble bar. When this product hits the water, it just reminds me of the gorgeous blue sky that is so relaxing to look at. In reference to the book, Charlie said that he felt like he was in a warm bath when he looked up into the fluffy sky. This bubble bar is just perfect because it IS “fluffy white clouds” and it’s AMAZING in a warm bath.

    -Floating Island. This is a Bath Melt Even though I’ve never tried this, I thought that this would be a good idea to throw this in. This bath melt is described as” escaping into your own fragrant island and floating away to the scent of vanilla… It allows you to lie back and really enjoy the beauty of the experience” The Floating Island reminds me of Charlie and his 2 friends. When they’re around each other, It’s like they’re in their own world. They always have fun together, and they never judge each other. Their friendship is truly a beauty in my eyes (: Also, The vanilla scent reminds me of the hint of vanilla flavoring in a strawberry smoothie.

    -Dragon’s Egg. This is a bath bomb. I wanted to throw into the cocktail. It is a plain looking BORING bath bomb! As a “WALLFLOWER”, you are plain, boring, and unnoticeable on the outside. No one treats you right. But on the inside you’re fun and full of life. Dragon’s egg reminded me of a wallflower because once this bath bomb hits the water, it crackles and fizzes. It’s just gorgeous looking at the explosion of glitter. It’s something so unexpected! I would’ve never thought that something so plain could be so gorgeous and beautiful! The explosion of this Dragon’s Egg represents how the main character finally gets noticed by people around him.

  28. (Cont’d By Nailslides)
    -American Cream (Conditioner) Since the American Cream was inspired by Milkshake; I thought that this would be a good lush product to incorporate. Who wouldn’t want to smell like a strawberry milkshake without feeling sticky? Ha-ha (:
    -Whoosh. This is a Shower Jelly. It reminds me of the clouds in the sky that they describe in the book. Since the clouds were described so beautifully, I imagined the clouds to be a gorgeous blue color.
    -Heavanilli or Strawberry Feels Forever (Massage Bar): By reading the description and reviews, These two products sounds amazing. I’ve never tried it, But it once again reminds me of Charlie at the Diner when he wants a smoothie.
    -Milky Bar Soap: This once again reminds me of the ingredient in a Smoothie. Mrs Whippy is the strawberry, Floating Island is the Vanilla, and Milky Bar is the Milk. Blend those 3 combos up and there’s your delicious smoothie!
    I would recommend making the cocktail in this way:

    1.Throw Mrs. Whippy in. The strawberry scent is so relaxing and reminds me of a Milk shake. I almost wanted to drink the water!
    2.Put Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds under the faucet of the water so that bubbles could form and so that the gorgoeus blue colors could dominate could show.
    3.Throw Floating Island. This would make the water really soft
    4. Throw the Dragon's Egg in & be excited for the fizzing action

    Optional Things to use while sitting in the cocktail:
    6.American Cream
    7. Milky Bar Soap
    8.Heavanilli or Strawberry Feels Forever
    Optional Item to use while out of cocktail:
    9. Sweet Lips

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! I’m really happy that you hosted one. If there was a lush near me then I would go insane and buy tons of lush products. I’m trying to test more lush products out, but I don’t want to buy it online and not like it because it’s not “how I that it would be” Thanks again, Take care! Congrats on over 1,000 subscribers. You’ve made it so far! We love you, and take care.

    (If I had all of these lush products, I would try it. It would probably turn out to a disaster.. It sounds pretty good to me though!)

    1. (This was inspired by the movie, but based on the book)

  29. TWO different Lush cocktail inspired by the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The "**" Indicates the bath products in the cocktail
    To start off, MY FIRST INSPIRATION IS THE CHOCOLATE RIVER. You will need **Honey Bee Bath bomb**. It has the scent of toffee, Honey, and orange oil. Some chocolate are filled with toffee, some has honey, and some has orange. So this bath bomb definitely make me think of this since there's so many variety of chocolate now a days.
    You will also need **Karma Bath Melt**. This will hopefully make the water darker. Unfortunately, lush doesnt sell much products that are brown. Anyways, Lush says that the Karma Bath melt is like a golden pyramid of sparkles. When reading this description online I thought about how chocolate made Michael Bollner who plays Augustus Gloop hungry and hypnotized for chocolate. The next bath item you should use is the dark half of **Ma Bar Bubble Bar**. This will add that rich color to the water and create bubbles just like how bubbles appeared when Augustus Gloop was getting suctioned into the big pipe. You will also need **Soft Coeur massage bar**
    MY SECOND INSPIRATION IS Denise Nickerson who plays Violet Beauregarde.
    Use Blackberry bath bomb for the violet color. Blackberry reminds me of blueberry and it connects to the movie because Violet turned into a blueberry. Use the comforter. It has a berry scent that will remind you of violet. Use spacegirl. Spacegirl is to add a darker color to the bath. Also, the sparkles reminds me of her mother's anger. She was furious that her daughter turned into the blue berry and plus, it smells like berries too.
    Excited for this giveaway. Good luck everyone

  30. You Tube Name : lipsycutie

    My Movie is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix :)
    So first I put in my Sunnyside bubblebar and then my (of course) phoenix rising. This is a magic mix and the name of the bath bomb even fits the title.
    And if you really want to enjoy yourself apply PEACE massage bar where ever you need that pampering xoxo
    P.S. sorry this is REALLY short compared to everyone else's :L

  31. Hey, It's Kim/Nailslides

    The movie that inspired this lush cocktail is called “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening”.

    The cocktail I thought of tells a story which I thought would be fun. I DIDN'T tell the whole story though, only bits and pieces of it just incase someone didn't want the movie yet and would like to.

    What you will need in order:
    1. Rocketeer bath bomb
    2. Blue skies and fluffy clouds bubble bar
    3. Floating Island Bath Melt
    4. Banana Moon Soap
    5. Uluru Bath bomb

    Emma and Dean’s school organizes a class trip to Trinidad. Emma secretly likes Dean, and Dean secretly likes Emma. They always glance at each other. For some reason, Emma’s friend does not approve of this, and they try to get Emma to date the quarterback. Fast forward it a little, they’re on the plane to go to Trinidad. I decided to throw in the ROCKETEER BATH BOMB to represent the air plane flying over the gorgeous blue water.

    They finally arrive and Trinidad and they’re having a blast. Emma’s friend encourages her to sneak out and party with them on the LAST night of the trip. Since Emma is easily convinced by her friends, she ended up going because the quarterback guy was going to be there. They made it on the party boat and Emma spots the quarterback making out with a girl. She was frustrated and left. Dean witnessed everything and followed Emma around a bit. The party boat was then stopped by local authorities, and everyone becomes worried. People were pushing each other around and Emma ended up falling off of the boat because someone accidently pushed her over.

    You should now throw in Blue Skies & Fluffy Clouds. Since this is a bubble bar, it represents the water splashing up ( I imagine bubbles when I think of splashing ). The blue part of the bubble bar just adds to the color of the ocean and the white part of the bubble bar represents the color of the ocean when something crashes/falls into the water.

    Dean unlatches the dinghy from the ship because he didn’t want them to get in trouble.(This was a mistake) The police boat and party boat began pulling away. They’re not stranded in the middle of the Caribbean Sea!

    Now it’s time to throw in the Floating Island. This represents how they slowly floated away farther and farther from the ship. Emma finds and island, and they start to paddle towards it. They search the island to find a way to go home, but it was a deserted island.

    It is now time to use Banana Moon. I thought that the perfect banana scent would be the Banana Moon which will represent what they ate at the island. I think that this was the first fruit that they ate there. Every single day that they were stranded at the island, Dean would watch the sunset.

    Right now, the bath bomb called Uluru should be thrown in near the faucet to represent the sunset. Since this bath bomb was inspired by a sunset, I thought that it would be perfect. Emma finally asks why he always does that. He confesses to her that his mom who’s now dead said that she saw a green flash in the horizon as the sun starts to set; He always want to see it. (The story of how his mom died was pretty sad). (This was somewhere around the middle of the movie I believe, This was not the ending forsure) I’m going to end the cocktail here though since I’m done introducing the bath bombs needed for this cocktail. I recommend watching the movie! Anyways, Here is how you should use it!

    1.Throw the rocketeer in. The water should be mainly blue with some yellow (it will later turn green)

    2.Throw the blue skies and fluffy clouds in to create some bubbles

    3.Throw the floating island in since they were floating away from the boat, and then finally spotted an island.
    4.Use banana Moon if desired, since this was the first fruit they ate
    Throw Uluru near the faucet of the tub. It should be a gorgeous orange color.
    The green water around the sunset should represent the green flash.

    1. I'm not sure if we were able to do a second entry or not, But if not then just delete one of the comments. (:

  32. I couldn’t choose one movie to make a cocktail with so I decided to do 3 of my favorite movies!!!
    1) Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist:
    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! A straight bass player in a queercore band, Nick (Juno's Michael Cera) has just been dumped by the two-timing Tris (Alexis Dziena). He's committed to making more self-pitying mix CDs until his band mates convince him to help track down a top-secret rock concert. Meanwhile, Norah (Charlie Bartlett's Kat Dennings) and her hard-partying pal, Caroline (Ari Graynor), set off on the same journey. Nora had never met Nick, but she already had a crush on him (While attending the same school as Tris, she's been enjoying the mixes Nick keeps making--and Tris keeps throwing away). When the inebriated Caroline goes missing, they spend the rest of the night racing around the Lower East Side in his Yugo looking for the friend, the show, and trying to avoid Tris. Norah's ex-boyfriend, Tal (Tropic Thunder's Jay Baruchel), presents further complications. This is a great comedy and teen movie in my opinion. If you have not seen it I beg of you, please watch it!!!

    First I started with Tisty Tosty as the bath bomb because in the beginning of the movie both Nick and Nora’s love lives are pretty much in the crapper and are in desperate need of a touch of magic. As the bath melt I chose Floating Island because Nick & Nora both have friends but at times it almost seems as if they’re alone. Sometimes their friends don’t understand them or what they’re going through. I chose two different bubble bars. First I chose the comforter bubble bar because in the movie Nora is always there to comfort, support, and be there for her friends even though there are times when she herself needs comforting. She is especially there for her best friend Caroline who is constantly hungry for attention. Use about 1/5 of that. Next I chose Two Timing Tart as a representation for the exes Tris and Tal. While Nick and Tris were going out she cheated on him the entire time and Tal is only with Nora because he’s in a band and her father is a famous music producer so he’s kind of cheating on her with her connections. Use about ½ of that. For shampoo I thought Rehab would be good. In the movie Caroline gets super drunk, not that this has been the first time she’s done it, but this time she ends up getting lost in New York leaving Nora to worry and look for her all over the city. For conditioner I thought American Cream would be good. When I hear American Cream I think of the American Dream, which is to be successful and happy in life. That reminds me of Nick’s band because although some people may not approve of them they still hold on to their dream of becoming rock stars. I chose R&B as a hair treatment. It represents Nick’s friends who, at times, bring calm and balance to the entire evening. In trying to help Nick get over Tris they try setting him up with Nora. During the evening there are moments where Nick & Nora are at each other’s throats but they calm them down and help bring them together again. For soap I’d use It’s Raining Men to represent Nick’s friends when they end up at this drag queen show in New York. It could also symbolize Caroline. I mean, she’s not a hoe. She’s just a really big flirt. If you’d like to use a message bar I’d recommend Friends with Benefits. It can represent Nora and Tal’s on again off again relationship.

  33. 2) 10 Things I Hate About You:
    This is a classic!!!! Well to me anyway… Lol… It's like Shakespeare man! This good-natured and likeable update of The Taming of the Shrew takes the basics of Shakespeare's farce about a surly wench and the man who tries to win her and transfers it to modern-day Padua High School. Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) is a sullen, forbidding riot girl who has a blistering word for everyone; her sunny younger sister Bianca (Larisa Oleynik) is poised for high school stardom. The problem: overprotective and paranoid Papa Stratford (a dryly funny Larry Miller) won't let Bianca date until boy-hating Kat does, which is to say never. When Bianca's pining suitor Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) gets wind of this, he hires the mysterious, brooding Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) to loosen Kat up. Of course, what starts out as a paying gig turns to true love as Patrick discovers that underneath her brittle exterior, Kat is a regular babe. I have loved this movie since I was a preteen. Again I stress to you if you have not seen this movie PLEASE WATCH IT!!!

    First I’d start off with TWO bath bombs. I’d use Sex Bomb because the movie is centered on the issue of sex. Not to mention there are so many hot men in this movie! Even the nerds in here were cute and now, in present time, they are HOT! Sorry got lost for a moment… Lol. Also Joey, who is interested in Bianca, swears he’s a sex god and is god’s gift to every woman. Then I’d use Phoenix Rising because Kat used to be part of the “in” crowd but didn’t like what she had become so she became the exact opposite of what she was. She rebirthed herself in a way. For the bath melt I chose Happy blooming because everyone seems to be trying to find their own happiness. Namely Bianca who feels like her sister and dad don’t want her to be happy because they don’t want her to date. I chose THREE bubble bars. First 1/3 of The Wuss. Contrary to its name it is a very strongly, almost man, type of bubble bar. It represents both Kat and Patrick because they’re both strong willed people who aren’t afraid of anything or anybody. Next I’d use 1/3 of It’s a Date because Bianca wants so much to date Joey and uses Cameron, a boy who likes her for being herself, to do it. But, when she finally does, it’s not what she expects it to be. The last bubble bar would be Temple of Truth because a lot of people in this movie need reality checks and others make sure they receive them, namely Kat & Patrick but there’s a scene where Cameron finally confronts Bianca about how selfish she is. For shampoo I’d choose Cynthia Sylvia Stout, this is a beer based shampoo. In one scene Kat gets really drunk at this party and acts like what everyone else considers “normal” but what she usually detests in her peers. For conditioner I chose The Jungle because the movie is set in a high school and high school can seem confusing, crazy, and wild like a jungle. It also reminds me of Kat. She has a natural beauty and her hair is beautiful and naturally wavy. The waves in her hair remind me of jungle vines. For soap I’d use Lust, it could represent Joey and Bianca’s semi-relationship. From the beginning all Joey wanted was to get in her pants. Lastly if you’d like to use a message bar I’d recommend Hottie because Patrick is a Hottie… Enough said…

  34. 3) Revenge of the Bridesmaids:
    This is such a great movie. When best friends Abigail (Raven-Symone) and Parker (Joanna Garcia) return to their small, Southern home town for a visit, they learn that their close friend, Rachel, has lost the love of her life to their ex-friend Caitlin a conniving gold-digger. Parker and Abigail go undercover as Caitlin s bridesmaids to sabotage the wedding. But their best-laid plans start going outrageously awry. Needless to say things get a bit crazy as well as hilarious! This is a MUST SEE!!!
    I’d use Softy as one of the bath bombs because it represents Rachel. Rachel is a sweet girl who always wants to see the good in everyone. She is always polite, kind, and caring to others no matter how they treat her. She’s a total southern bell. Even when one of her supposed “best friends” steals the one man she truly loves away from her, she’s still a good friend. Then I’d use Phoenix Rising to symbolize Abigail who is an author. She used to be really chubby when she was younger and she was constantly teased about her weight, now as a grown woman she is beautiful, smart, and extremely cunning. She rose above all of her obstacles and made something of herself and as she rises so will her success. As a bath melt I’d use Happy Blooming because when they were kids they used to seek refuge from Caitlin under a cherry blossom tree. It symbolizes their childhood. The Comforter would be a good way to describe both Abigail and Parker when they found out what happened to Rachel. Not only do they comfort her in her time of need, but they try to help her get Tony, her boyfriend, back. Use 1/5 of that. For shampoo I chose Irresistible Bliss because that’s exactly what Tony and Rachel feel when they’re together. They are so happy in each other’s arms and are truly in love. I chose Forever in Bloom as conditioner because love seems to be that way in this movie. As the three best friends are trying to hold it together and as Abigail and Parker are trying to figure out a way to stop the wedding, Parker starts falling for Tony’s best friend Henry. I chose Tramp as the soap to describe both Caitlin and her mother, who only wants Tony for his family’s money and good name. They will do anything to stay wealthy, even tell a despicable lie. If you want a massage bar I chose Peace to describe Rachel’s role in the friendship of the four girls. She was forever the peacemaker out of the bunch of them. I hope that you enjoy the cocktails. HAPPY BATHING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I got all of my movie descriptions from amazon.com.