Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ozark Adventure: Relaxing "Freshwater" Bath

Our trip was exactly what my husband and I needed! Though it was a mini-vacay, we feel like we got to enjoy ourselves, have some downtime, and celebrate one year of marriage. We stayed in a cute, little cabin, and I brought a bag of versatile Lush products. I thought whatever mood I was in could be created from my bag of goodness :) I had this bath on Sunday evening, our first night at the cabin. My husband had already had freshwater fish and we were enjoying driving around all of the lakes. So I thought a relaxing freshwater type of bath would be perfect!

big blue bath bomb, 1/2 french kiss bubble bar, dreamtime bath melt

Big Blue is perfect to represent the deep blue waters, and I liked it's relaxing aspects. While refreshing, it also has lavender in it to make it calming. I chose the French Kiss bubble bar over my go-to Christmas Eve because I thought the name was more fitting (this is an anniversary trip, right?), and I like the outdoorsy quality to this bubble bar. The Dreamtime bath melt with sandalwood just balanced everything out. Ahh... it was the perfect combo!
big blue and dreamtime

french kiss bubble bar crumbled and ready to go in the tub!

the beautiful bath tub- part of why i booked this cabin!

the water

now a couple pictures of our cabin...

It was such a fun trip, but now it's time to get things done at home! With helping out my mom, throwing a bachelorette party, filming some vids for you all (have a few vacation hauls to film!), and regular weekly things, it's going to be a busy week!

How was everyone's weekend?

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